Sherry Gottlieb. Love Bite.

Locus. (Mar. 1995). no. 3. p. 31 & p. 66.
It's always intriguing to see previously non-writing professionals in the field (booksellers, academics, editors, and the like) try their respective hands at creating the very work that has justified their careers; it's especially pleasing when that writing turns out well.

Sherry Gottlieb started in L.A.'s SF bookstore, A Change of Hobbit, in 1972 and ran it for nearly two decades. Now Gottlieb's a successful novelist with Love Bite, a romantic police procedural about vampirism. Obviously that covers at least three popular bets. Love Bite has appeared in two editions. The ambitious new Canadian publisher, Transylvania Press, Inc., has created a signed and numbered limited edition hardback with a spiffy cover by Alan M. Clark showing Gottlieb's female protagonist putting on lipstick in front of the mirror. In the mirror we see lipstick tube and the lips outlined in pigment; nothing more.

Vampire Junction Magazine. (199?). no. 12. n.p.
Yeah, yeah, I know it looks expensive, but hear me out. Yes, this book did come out in trade paperback for much less than $65.00. However, and trust me when I say this, this book is cool as shit. First off, it's NOT the same as the trade pb, it has extra stuff in it. It was edited with the author's wishes in mind, NOT the publishing co. like most other books. And no, I'm not going to tell you what's extra, you're going to have to buy it to find out. But I can assure you. you'll like it. Secondly, It is an edition that is limited to 500 copies and is signed by BOTH the writer and the cover artist. It's a beautiful book, a value to anyone's collection.

Los Angeles has a new MISS LONELYHEARTS. One with fangs, Sherry Gottlieb has woven police procedural, love, lust, and lots of blood into a colorful, compelling tale.--Brent Monhan

Finding a romantic interest is difficult for most single women. It's even harder when you have to sleep all day and can never check your lipstick in the mirror.--Michele Slung

Sherry Gottlieb tells a taut, tight, sexy tale, combining love, vampirism, police procedural, and some very mean streets. Deftly done.--Roger Zelazny, Hugo and Nebula Award winner

A raunchy, viciously funny, post-feminist bat's-eye-view of L.A.'s darkside.--Jonathan Kellerman

A notable addition to the vampire field.--Kim Newman