Elizabeth Miller. Reflections on Dracula: Ten Essays.

Reflections on Dracula: Ten Essays is written by Dr. Elizabeth Miller, who is a professor of English at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and President of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula (Canada).


  1. Vlad Tepes Vs. Count Dracula
  2. Has Dracula Lost His Fangs? (With Margaret L. Carter)
  3. Typing Transylvania
  4. Life as a Dracula Aficianado
  5. Adventures in Draculand
  6. The Fearless Vampire Hunters
  7. Dracula and Frankenstein: A Tale of two Monsters
  8. Dracula and Shakespeare: The Count and the Bard
  9. Shape-Shifting Text: Editions and Versions of Dracula.
  10. Dracula: 100 Years... and Counting

"Elizabeth Miller is one of the world's premier experts on the historical and fictional Draculas. Her insight on the two have greatly influenced my own work."

Jeanne Kalogridis

"A learned, witty and satisfying set of reflections on the infamous non-reflecting Count. While Elizabeth and I do not always see 'eye-to-eye' on certain historical matters, her views are invariably stimulating and prove the point that the development of ideas comes from the clash of opposing points of view."

Raymond McNally

"Elizabeth Miller is one of those rare scholars whose expertise is infused with an infectious enthusiasm and a sly Canadian humor. Her work is not only a pleasure to read but also provides some of the most cogent remarks on Stoker's work available in the current flood of Dracula studies."

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro