S. P. Somtow. Vanitas: Escape from Vampire Junction.

S.P. Somtow's Vampire Junction was written in the early 80s, and is now considered a seminal work in contemporary horror.

Using a new narrative technique equally derived from William Burrough's "fold-in" methods and the rapid cutting of MTV videos, Somtow sought to create a "novel of high literary intent which simultaneously sacrificed none of the gore of B-grade horror movies." The bizarre love triangle of Timmy Valentine, a 12-year-old rock star vampire, his Jungian analyst Carla, and her pyromaniac Wagnerian conductor husband, and its dozens of mirror-images and cross-echoes through different historical epochs, excited critics and caused eminent commentarians in hindsight to dub it the "premier forefather of the splatter punk genre." In 1990 Somtow was persuaded to write a sequel, Valentine. This current volume, Vanitas, completes the trilogy.

In Vanitas, Timmy Valentine has relinquished his vampiric immortality and transferred his archetypal essence to young Angel Todd. He is an ordinary 12-year-old boy, awakened from an ancient nightmare. His new album, Vanitas, has just come out, but there's something missing. In a desperate bid to salvage his career, he goes on a world tour, but every stop brings haunting memories of his vampire past and terrifying manifestations of a blood-drenched future.

In a harrowing, sweeping journey that goes through Europe and all the way to the red-light districts of Bangkok and the jungles of New Guinea. Timmy searches for the last piece of unfinished business. He scours the past and there are encounters with Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Marlowe, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets... and finally the dark Voivode himself, Vlad Dracula.