The Vampire Stories of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

The elegance, style, and grace of le Comte de Saint-Germain is exceeded only by his chronicler, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I am, have been, and shall always be an avid fan of both. These stories are jewels in the literary crown of Yarbro's exceptional body of work. Lisa W. Cantrell

Quinn's stories of Saint-Germain are unsurpassed in their insight into the human condition, and their unique brand of terror. Charles Grant

A demon lover anyone would welcome with open arms. Michael Moorcock

How good it is to have available in a single volume so many of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Count Saint-Germain stories. It is also long overdue - Quinn Yarbro is one of our finest writers and craftspersons, incapable of a sloppy sentence, a slack paragraph, or a fuzzy thought. Everything is perfectly in focus, everything is expertly accomplished. And the Count remains a vibrantly original character, one of the great contributions to the horror genre. Peter Straub

Many authors have fallen under the spell of Nosferatu, but it's a lot harder than it looks to genuinely raise a vampire from its grave. Very few authors have the necromantic skills required to work the spell successfully. This book demonstrates clearly that Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is one of those exceedingly rare magicians. Gahan Wilson