Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

Cluj-Napoca is the capital city of Transylvania, and it is one of the most visited destinations in the area. So, if you are planning a trip to Cluj, this article is for you. Up next, we’ve shared the top things to do in this beautiful Transylvanian city so that you discover its beauty.

Start your day by exploring Central Park in Cluj

Indeed, it might seem like there are plenty of other things to do in Cluj, but we do suggest you start exploring Cluj-Napoca from its Central Park. Based on the time of the year, there are plenty of local events organized here. But what we like the most about this park is that it represents an important social hub. There are always people sitting, chatting, and enjoying the natural landscape in the middle of the busy city.

Go see the Morii Canal

From Central Park, you will have to cross the road towards the Old Town. And you will immediately spot the Morii Canal. It is an interesting setup, preserved from the original design of the Cluj Citadel. Also, it might appear that it suddenly disappears from sight at some point, but further, on the east, it will reappear on Andrei Saguna Street.

Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash

Admire St. Michael’s Church

St. Michael’s Church represents the main landmark of Cluj. It has an attractive design and shape, keeping up the original roof design. It was dedicated to Matthias Corvinus, a medieval king of Hungary, born in Cluj-Napoca.

Stroll over to Piata Unirii

Cluj’s city center consists of a large square named Piata Unirii. It is a beautiful area, filled with impressive buildings that still keep up their original architecture. Make sure you keep a close eye for the Banfyy Palace, nicely positioned opposite to St. Michael’s Church. This palace is a representation of the eclectic style forms the 19th century.

Take a break on Piata Muzeului

Usually overlooked, Piata Muzeului is a lovely, remote area in the middle of Cluj. It is rather stylish, being a nice spot to have coffee or a quick lunch. You will see that the buzz of the city can’t be heard from here, making it the go-to place for a break during your Cluj city tour.

Make your way to the Old Fortifications

Exploring the old streets in Cluj will take you to another overlooked area in Cluj City Centre. The remains of the original city walls are hidden in the pedestrian part of Strada Potaissa, near the Tailor’s Tower.

Don’t forget to visit the Hintz House, Museum of Pharmacy

The legendary family of apothecaries who had the first and most important pharmacy in Cluj, the Hintz Family, left us an impressive collection of chemical artifacts and tools in Transylvania. The Museum of Pharmacy offers a small glimpse into the medieval and renaissance apothecaries, being a must-see while in Cluj.

Relax at the Botanical Garden

An exciting place to visit while in Cluj is the Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden. It consists of a vast setup filled with numerous flora and unique plants you won’t see anywhere else in Eastern Europe.