Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

Strigoi, Dracula, the Dark and Magical Fairies

Transylvania is a versatile area, and the local culture might amaze you, too. The peaks and forests of the Carpathian Mountains were used as a source of inspiration for the best myths Transylvania ever had. So, if you want to discover more about the folklore in the area, read the following tales about the most common myths in Transylvania.

Strigoi or the Undead One

Many confuse the Strigoi with the actual Vampire. But as the local tales of Transylvania show, this being can appear due to several circumstances, including when an individual dies, and it is condemned to walk between worlds without being able to die. Locals say that the Strigoi has a frightening appearance, including goats’ feet and hairy hands. But at the same time, it can take the form of other animals, so that he can fool you.

Dracula or the Romanian Vampire

The story of Dracula revolves around the ruler known under the name Vlad the Impaler. It is believed that because of his ruthless method of ruling the kingdom, many people associated him with a vampire thirsty of blood. As such, even though he was merely a powerful tyrant, many people described him as an awful being. And it was not long before several poems talked about his supernatural abilities.

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Ielele or the Vengeful Beauties

Ielele are considered to be some of the most exquisite and beautiful entities in Transylvania. But one should not mistake their beauty with kindness. The legend says that they show themselves in light woods to rejoice. Yet if any man stumbles upon them and sets an eye on their beauty, he will definitely be punished. And in most cases, death is what follows.

Zburatorul or the Perfect Lover

Maybe one of the most interesting tales from Transylvania, the Perfect Lover, is an entity with supernatural powers. Being a criminal at his origins, he was stuck between worlds as punishment. But he soon discovered that he could entice young ladies and conquer their souls and bodies. The legend says that his lovemaking is so powerful, that the girl will die soon after without being able to tell the story of the Perfect Lover.

Omul Negru or the Boogeyman

Known in Transylvania as `Omul Negru`, this is merely an all-time famous scarecrow for children. The Boogeyman is a child’s monster, his worst nightmare. It is a traveler without a face, usually hidden under a child’s bed. In Transylvania, the legend says that every child who doesn’t listen to his parents will find at night the Boogeyman under the bed.

Muma Padurii or the Crone of the Woods

The Crone of the Woods is said to be a powerful witch who lives in the woods. The local folklore says that if she visits you in the middle of the night to ask for a comb or butter, they aren’t allowed to say more than three words. If they do so, the Crone will steal their voice. At the same time, if someone is brave enough to apprehend her, he will be granted one wish.

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