Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

Transylvania is such a beautiful area, allowing you to stay close with both an urban and natural vibe. But what we love the most about Transylvania is the vast array of natural wonders. So, let’s see up next which Transylvanian landscapes you need to see as soon as possible.

Bicaz Gorge

Bicaz Gorge is one of the most important highlights of Transylvania, being part of both Neamt and Harghita Counties. This gorge was created with the waters of Bicaz River, and it acts as a linking path between Moldova and Transylvania. Overall, the Bicaz Gorge is made out of 1000 ft. Limestone rocks towering over narrow roads and passes. It offers a stunning landscape over the area, but at the same time, it represents a meeting point for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash

Lake Saint Ana

Lake Saint Ana represents the only crater lake in Romania, as it was created in the volcanic crater of the volcano Ciomatu Mare. It has an interesting oval form, and during summer, you can clearly see the remnants of old trees on the bottom of the lake. The lake is part of the Mohos Nature Reserve, and its water purity almost resembles the one of distilled water.

Bear Lake

Nominated amongst the top wonders of Transylvania, the Bear Lake at Sovata. It was created due to a collapse of a salt mine, which in turn, was filled with rainwater. This is the largest heliothermic Salt Lake in Europe, and it stands out due to its unique bear-like shape. Many believe that taking a bath in the Bear like can cure ailments such as infertility or rheumatism.

Turda Salt Mines - Photo by Vincent Erhart on Unsplash

Salt Mines

The Salt Mines in Turda, Transylvania, represent another natural wonder you must see. This mine dates back to the Middle Ages, and it was transformed into an authentic museum for the history of salt mining. And the Salt Mines in Turda are amongst one of the oldest in the world.

Bucegi National Park - Photo by Mihai Lazăr on Unsplash

Sphinx and Babele

Part of the Bucegi Natural Park at an altitude of 7,270 feet, the Sphinx and Babele represent an iconic natural formation that came to life due to the forces of erosion. If you look at the site from distinct angles, you will observe that they resemble quite well the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Piatra Craiului National Park

The Piatra Craiului National Park is home to a rich faunal diversity, as some of the significant carnivores in the area live here. Also, there are plenty of plants, lichen, or fungi, you won’t find anywhere else. But the thing that makes Piatra Craiului National Park stand out is that it shields the Prapastiile Zarnestilor Gorge. This is a natural wonder in Transylvania, lesser-known, and it is easily accessible in the mark via one of the trekking trails.

Scarisoara Glacier Cave

Our personal favorite is Scarisoara Cave, a natural wonder in Transylvania formed during the glacier era. Even though tourists are allowed inside, the access is limited, as the cave itself needs to be preserved at its best. This is one the biggest ice cave in Transylvania with more than 100 ice stalagmites and an estimated volume of 75,000 cubic meters.