Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

One unusual tourist attraction present in Transylvania is salt mines. Visiting or touring the best salt caves in Transylvania is popular both with local and international tourists. Many tourists visit the area specifically so that they get the chance to discover such natural wonders.

We do believe the main reason why salt mines in Transylvania draw tourists is that they are not similar to any other salt mines in Europe. So, if you are looking forward to discovering the most impressive salt mines in Europe, read on to find out which destinations should be on your Transylvania itinerary.

Slanic Salt Mine

Slanic Salt Mine is one of the most popular destinations in Transylvania, due to its impressive microclimate and welcoming temperature. It consists of two levels, and many tourists come here due to the belief that the air inside Slanic salt mine has healing effects. Indeed, if it were to asses the purity of the air, we would discover it has the purest concentration in the world. Inside the mine, there is a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, along with an air composition rich in sodium ions. An interesting thing about this mine is that its unique microclimate is allergen-free. As such, many people travel to Slanic to cure respiratory diseases. But what we love most about Salina Slanic is that you can spend an entire day here. Besides visiting the mine, there is an area in which tourists can play volleyball or tennis, while a well-design children’s playground is available on site.

Praid Saline: Photo by Adrian Moise on Unsplash

Praid Salt Mine

The Praid Salt Mine is located in Harghita, a fascinating county in Transylvania. It is the go-to destination for those that want to relax, especially since it is at 70 km distance from Sighisoara. Praid is one of the largest salt reserves in Romania, with four tunnels and impressive heights. You can either visit the mine or spend time at the first level, which was specially designed to welcome tourists with several amenities. The deepest horizon in Praid Salt Mine is 320 meters, but it is always best to remain at the 120 meters depth.

Ocnele Salt Mine: Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

Ocnele Mari represents one of the oldest salt mines in the country, being one of the most visited landmarks in Transylvania. The tourist area is located at 225 meters above sea level, and it comprises around 10,000 square meters. Overall, it is an exciting place to relax in, but we do encourage you to explore the mine before you settle for one of the amenities. Being one of the oldest and largest salt mines in Transylvania, it has plenty to offer in terms of natural wonders.

So: why visit the salt mines in Transylvania?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit one (or all) of the salt mines mentioned above. The main one is that spending a day there will have a beneficial effect on your health. Also, you will get the chance to enter and explore some of the most impressive salt mines in Europe. And, of course, you get to enjoy several amenities and activities in a unique set up. But we do believe that the quality and purity of the air is the main reason why you should consider adding a salt mine on your Transylvania itinerary.