Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

Did you know that many traditions are still kept and organized yearly in Transylvania? Well, locals are very fond of their history and folklore, which is why each year, there are plenty of traditional events organized. And if you are lucky enough, you might stumble upon your traveling in Transylvania on the following unique traditions. We guarantee you won’t find those anywhere else in the world.

Spring Tradition: Babele, the beginning of spring and Mucenici

To celebrate the start of spring, locals in Transylvania spend a lot of time welcoming it. As such, the folklore says that between the 1st and 9th March takes place Babele. It is a cultural reference to an old lady, which will show how someone’s year will be. Locals choose a day from the mentioned timeframe. And it is said that how the weather will be on your selected day, that’s how your year will be.

As soon as Babele ends, on the 9th of March, there is another local tradition to look for. Named Mucenici, it is a cultural reference to the death of 40 Christian soldiers in ancient Armenia. The folklore says that you will have to eat the delicious pastry in the shape of an 8 and drink 40 glasses of wine in their honor.

Summer Tradition: The magical night of Sanziene in June

Sanziene is a charming and exciting celebration that takes place every year in June. The folklore says that between 23 and 24 June, magical fairies and the famous Ielele will dance in the forest and open heaven’s gates. Also, young, unmarried ladies can place under their yellow pillow flowers so that they dream about their future husbands. And if you are a lady who hopes to get married, the tradition says you have to throw over the rooftop of your house a bucket full of Sanziene flowers.

Autumn Tradition: Grape Harvest and Wine Celebrations

Grape Harvest is not a mere activity one performs without celebrating it. In Transylvania, locals take this process very seriously, which is why during the harvest season in autumn, there are plenty of local events organized. It is believed that harvesting with joy and hope will lead to amazing wine production. Also, the folklore says that young girls need to smash the grapes with their bare feet so that the wine gains the sweetness of a young lady.

December Tradition: Mask Dances and the pig sacrifice on Christmas

As soon as December starts, you will see in Transylvania a lot of fuss and movement. This time of the year is believed to be holly, and many locals go to church every day. And December traditions in Transylvania start with the famous pig sacrifice on Saint Ignat Day. But what we love the most about winter celebrations in Transylvania are the mask dances on Christmas and New Year. The tradition says that young boys need to disguise themselves as ugly spirits so that they fight Evil and catch it by surprise. You will have the chance to discover plenty of local feasts, in which locals will dress up in goats, bears, or horses.