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How to make the best of Transylvania if you only have a day

Did you know that the best thing about Transylvania is that it is packed with a wide array of impressive medieval towns and castles? Well, there are plenty of Transylvania day trips you can enjoy, including the ones to Bran, Peles, and Rasnov. If you are interested in the best itinerary for your next Transylvania trip, this article is for you! Up next, you’ll find out our insights about those beautiful locations.

How to create your Transylvania day trips

The best way to start your itinerary is with a flight to Bucharest’s airport. From there, you can find several bus shuttles (or train rides) to Prahova Valley, which will get you closer to the three main medieval castles you need to see in Transylvania. Your first stop will be Peles Castle, and from there, you will reach Brasov so that you get closer to Rasnov. And after you explore Rasnov, you will find in the nearby area of the Bran castle.

Little Peles Castle - Photo by Nomadic Julien on Unsplash

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in Sinaia, Prahova County. It is an important landmark on the original medieval route which connected Transylvania and Wallachia. The complex is positioned within the town of Sinaia at 48 kilometres distance from Brasov and 124 kilometres from Bucharest. A visit here will get you the chance to explore the three main components of the medieval castle: Peles Castle, Pelisor Castle, and the Foisor Hunting Lodge.

Keep in mind that most of the public visits to Peles Castle are guided tours. And we can say this is a great plus, as you will access additional information about the site and its history. The castle is closed on Mondays, while in November the entire Peles site is closed for maintenance purposes.

Photo by Nomadic Julien on Unsplash

Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Fortress is an important landmark in the Carpathian Mountains, being visited annually by many tourists. This fortress was created by Teutonic Knights so that they assured protection against invading Tartars. Rasnov, similar to Peles Castle, is a key point on the old commercial linking route, but it has an important distinction. Rasnov was designed as a sanctuary, a place for locals to hide in case of an invasion. As such, a visit to Rasnov Fortress will get you access to w well-designed small town within fortified walls. Overall, the site is surrounded by 500-foot-slopes on the north, south, and west sides. As for today, the fortress was restored, and it resembles quite well the original design.

Bran Castle - Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is 25 kilometres from Brasov, and it is considered a national monument and an important landmark in Transylvania. It is a fortress commonly known under the name Dracula’s Castle. It was transformed into a museum dedicated to a collection of goods owned by Queen Marie. There are plenty of guided tours in different languages so that you get a glimpse of the purpose and how this fortress was used during history. And the best part about it is that at its base it hosts a small open-air museum with traditional structures and different items from the Bran area.