Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

It's no Switzerland, but it's splendid

Indeed, Transylvania has several touristic landmarks one must visit once in a lifetime. But did you know that some of the best ski slopes in Eastern Europe are located in Transylvania? Well, our team of skiing enthusiasts took the time to create a top of the best areas where you can ski in Transylvania. Let’s see which will be your next skiing destination in the heart of the Carpathian mountains.


One of our favorite skiing spots in Transylvania is the one in Straja, in Hunedoara County. Overall, you will get access to several ski slopes, for both beginner and intermediate riders. Straja has 12 slopes at an elevation of up to 1,445 meters. Our tip is to consider skiing here after sunset, as the landscape will make you feel like you are in a fairy-tale. And the best part about Straja is that you will most likely be able to ski here from November to April.


A rather new addition to the collection of ski resorts in Transylvania, Transalpina stands out as an impressive ground for riders of all levels of experience. You will get to select from seven ski slopes for beginners or intermediate riders, yet if you are a freestyle rider or an experienced one, you might find Transalpina not so useful. There are little to no challenges on these slopes, while the elevation slightly exceeds 1,900 meters.

Photo by Angela Lăbonț

Bâlea Lac

Indeed, this is a rather untouched area, and it can hardly be called a ski resort, we can say with certainty that it is one of the go-to places in Transylvania for intermediate and experienced riders. It is one of the most impressive ski spots in the Carpathians, and plenty of skiers and snowboarders come here to improve their skills. You can find this place with a one-hour drive from Sibiu, but you should know there are only two accommodation options on-site.


Păltiniş is the oldest ski resort in Transylvania, and it is a meeting spot for any winter sports enthusiast. It provides access to several slopes for distinct levels of experience. But what we love most about this area is that there is a wide array of hiking trails available for those looking forward to exploring the area on foot.


Rânca is a resort in Parang Mountains with nine outstanding slopes meant mostly for intermediate and experienced riders. So, if you are a beginner, this area might not be suitable for you, as there are plenty of obstacles to avoid on your way down the slope. Anyhow, this is the highest mountain ridge in the Carpathians with an impressive 2,519 meters.

Photo by Ana Maria

Poiana Braşov

This is one of the busiest ski friendly sites in Transylvania, as it is somewhat close to Bucharest. It has an altitude of around 1,000 meters, offering several slopes for beginners and intermediate riders. Experts can use only one 4.9 kilometres long slope. But keep in mind that this is one of the busiest ski resorts in the area. So, it might be a great idea to check ahead of time additional information about slopes, snow, or even accommodation.

Cover photo by David Marcu on Unsplash